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Organization of Western Region Public Hearing
Right to Health Care in Public and Private Health Sector
NHRC in collaboration with JSA

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (JSA), a civil society network, in association with Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will be organizing a regional public hearing on right to health care for the western region at Mumbai on 6-7 january 2016.

Main Objective

The main objective of this public hearing is to make an assessment of human rights violations in public and private health care services in India and draw attention towards key systemic and policy issues, and come up with requisite recommendations ensuring protection of health rights of people in the country. During this public hearing, instances of individuals/groups having suffered serious denial of their right to healthcare from a public health facility, or in private hospitals, or in context of publicly funded health insurance schemes, or in context of public-private-partnership (PPP) healthcare arrangements would be heard by a panel consisting of the Commission and health experts in the presence of various state health officials. Cases of violation of health rights due to structural deficiencies or systemic gaps in public health services will also be taken up.

Western (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli) Mumbai 6-7 January 2016


Chairperson, Members, Members of Steering Committee constituted for the purpose and officials of NHRC would preside over the hearing. To hear and respond to the testimonies and presentations, concerned public officials such as the State Health Secretaries, Mission Directors, Directors of Health Services and Medical Education, National and State Medical Councils, Consumer Protection Councils, Chief Medical Officers of Municipal Corporations, officials involved with publicly funded health insurance schemes would be invited to participate in the hearing. UN bodies and major institutions related to public health will also be invited to participate in the hearing.

Prior to commencement of the public hearing, the NHRC will publish advertisements in leading newspapers of States being covered for the purpose, calling persons or groups with serious complaints of health rights violation to send details of their cases. These will be scrutinized and accordingly identified individuals and representatives of groups/civil society organizations will be invited to participate in the hearing as well as present their grievances of health rights violation.

Themes and Tentative Sessions

The public hearing would be of two days duration and would consist of a series of sessions. In the sessions, the methodology used will include testimonies, case studies of institutions or services or programmes like public funded health insurance schemes, sterilization camps, eye camps, other health camps, etc., and presentations/talks by the Commission, including members of the NHRC Core Group on Health, its Special Rapporteurs, health experts, and health rights activists.