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Bibliographic Information on Bonded Labour


National Human Rights Commission Library has compiled and consolidated information from various sources on Bonded Labour to help the users in literature survey of printed and electronic material available in the Library of the Commission and many important Law Libraries of Delhi.

This Bibliography is available in the following form:-

(A) Central Acts and Rules on Bonded Labour pdf (19 KB)

(B) International Instruments pdf (12 KB)

(C) Judgments of Supreme Court on Bonded Labour pdf (24 KB)

(D) Guidelines for Release of Funds under the Centrally Spondored Scheme for Rehabilitation of Bonded Labour pdf (28 KB)

(E) National Human Rights Commission, India (NHRC). http://nhrc.nic.in

(i) NHRC Recommendations/Guidelines on Bonded Labour pdf (31 KB)

(ii)NHRC Cases on Bonded Labour pdf (71 KB)

(iii) NHRC Annual Reports containing information on Bonded Labour

NHRC Annual Reports – Containing information on “Bonded Labour”
1997-1998 Page 25-26.
1998-1999 Page 37-38.
1999-2000 Page 59-63.
2000-2001 Page 152-160.
2001-2002 Page 76-81.
2002-2003 Page 106-121.
2003-2004 Page 84-93.
2004-2005 Page 79-80.
2005-2006 Page 139-150.
2007-2008 Page 119-132.
2008-2009 Page 37-39; 85-97.

(F) Books on Bonded Labour pdf (35 KB)

(G) Articles on Bonded Labour pdf (32 KB)

In addition to indexing of information, bibliography provides Website addresses for the Full Text available on Central Legislation, International Conventions/Instruments, Supreme Court Jugements & Orders on Bonded Labour and Documents/Recommendations of National Human Rights Commission, India are available on Internet.