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Bibliographic Information on Disability and Mental Health


National Human Rights Commission Library, New Delhi has compiled and consolidated information from various sources on “Disability and Mental Health” to help the users in literature survey of printed and electronic material available in the Library of the Commission and many important Libraries of Delhi.

This Bibliography is available in the following form:-

(A) Centre/States Acts and Rules on Disability and Mental Health pdf (35 KB)

(B) International/Regional Instruments pdf (27 KB)

(C) Judgments of Supreme Court/High Courts on Disability and Mental Health pdf (21 KB)

(D) National Human Rights Commission, India (NHRC). http://nhrc.nic.in

(1) Human Rights Issues: Programmes on the Directions of Supreme Court:-

(a) Functioning of the Mental Hospitals at Ranchi, Agra, Gwalior.

(2) Other Programmes and Human Rights Issues taken by the Commission Include :-

(a) Rights of the Disabled.

(3) Human Rights Cases: Selected Case Summaries: Atrocities on Dalits/Members of Minority Community/Disabled.

(a) Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped : Madhya Pradesh
     [Case No. 1528/96-97/NHR] Year 1999 – 2000

(b) Rehabilitation of Leprosy Patients camping in Amarjoti Leprosy Rehabilitation Society: Haryana
     [Case No. 2/35/7/2002-2003] Year 2003 – 2004

(c) Provision of seats in All Medical Courses for Physically Handicapped candidates.
     [Case No. 1023/30/2002-2003] Year 2003 - 2004

(4) Directions/Statements/Proceedings :-

(a) Statement of the Member to the 2nd Session of Ad. hoc Committee on Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on Protection and Promotion of Rights and Dignity of persons with Disability in May 2003.

(b) An International Workshop for National Human Rights Institutions from the Commonwealth and Asia Pacific Region, New Delhi, May 2003: Towards a new UN Convention.

(c) Southern Regional Review Meeting on Mental Health in Collaboration with Institute of Mental Health, Chennai, March, 12, 2010

(5) Recommendations Made at the Workshop of Human Rights Defenders held on 12 Oct 2009, New Delhi :-

(xii) Human Rights Defender should not only Focus attention on Civil and Political Rights but also on Economic and Social Rights, especially in backward areas, some of the areas could be Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Rights of Children.

(6) Core Groups :-

(a) Core Group on disability constituted
     See Annual Report – 2001–2002, p 91

(b) Core Group on Mental Health
     See Annual Report – 2004 – 2005, p 113

(c) Core Group on Rehabilitation of Long Stay Mentally ill Patients cured of their illness.
     See Annual Report 2004 – 2005, p 192

(7) Research Project :-

(a) NHRC – Canada Human Rights Commission - IGNOU Project on Human Rights with Disability

(b) Operation Oasis: A study related to mentally ill persons in West Bengal.

(c) Quality Assurance in Mental Health: National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences [NIMHANS]

(d) Programmatic Intervention for the patents in three Mental Hospitals.

(8) Publications:- http://nhrc.nic.in/publications.htm

(a) Disability Manual, 2005

(b) Discrimination based on Sex, Caste, Religion and Disability

(c) Handbook on Employment of persons with disabilities in Government of India, 2006

(d) Human Rights Education for Beginners. Chapter 2 Rights of the Disabled by Meera Pillai

(e) Know your Rights: Rights of Persons with disabilities

(f) Mental Health Care and Human Rights

(g) Quality Assurance in Mental Health – Recommendations

(h) Rights of Disabled by Anuradha Mohit, Meera Pillai and Pratiti Rungta

(9) NHRC Annual Reports – Containing information on Disability and Mental Health

NHRC Annual Reports – Containing information on “Disability and Mental Health”
1993-1994 Chapt 4.5 Conceptual Approach of the Commission. page 9
Illustrative Cases:
Case No. XXI Medical Ethics: Rights of the Disabled.
Mentally Retarded Women: Removal of uterus. page 22
1994-1995 Chapt 4 Civil Liberties
Para 4.20 Separate facilities for mentally retarded under trial Prisoners. page 14
Para 4.17 Prisons Reform. page 13
Illustrative Cases :
Case No. 10 Enhanced compensation for permanently disabled persons affected by the activities of extremists in Andhra Pradesh. page 43
1995-1996 Chapt No. 6 G - Research
Para 6.26 Problems of the mentally ill. page 37
Chapt No. 9 Complaint Before the Commission
Para 9.12 Homes for the mentally disabled. page 44
1996-1997 Chapt 3 Civil Liberties
Para 3.49 Prisons Reform – Mentally disabled persons. page 25
Chapt 5 Rights of the Vulnerable. page 37
1997-1998 Chapt 6 Right of Persons with Disabilities.
Chapt 6.3 Postal Ballot For the Disabled. page 27
Chapt 7 Human Rights of Mentally Ill. page 28-29
Chapt 8 Supreme Court Involves the Commission in Supervision of the Working of Agra Protective Home and Three Mental Hospitals. page 30-31
Chapt 11.21 Seminar on Human Rights Promotion of Mentally Ill Persons. SEVAC and WB Human Rights Commission, September 27-28, 1997. page 41
1998-1999 Chapt 13 (G).28 Seminars & Workshops. page 48
Chapt 14.4 Non Governmental Organizations. page 53
Illustrative Cases
Case No.18 Girl rescued from captivity: Rajasthan
[Case No.496/20/97-98] page 84
1999-2000 Chapt 3 Civil Liberties
Para 3.69 Imprisonment of the Mentally challenged. page 37
Annexure 11 Letter regarding Mentally ill persons languishing in Prisons. page 193
2000-2001 Chapt 3 Civil Liberties
Para 3.53 Mentally ill persons in Prisons. page 27
Chapt 8 Quality Assurance in Mental Hospitals. page 78 -81
Chapt 11 Promotion of Human Rights.
Chapt 11.39 Research Project "Operation Oasis" – SEVEC page 98 -99
Illustrative Cases
Case No. 22 Custodial rape of a disabled girl.
[Case No.102712/97- 98/ACR]. page 146
Chapt 14 (2) Protection of Rights of Dalits, Minorities, Disabled and Others.
Sultan Alavudeen Durgah Case. page 140
2001-2002 Chapt 4.63 Mentally patients Languishing in Jails. page 43
Chapt 5 Review of Laws.
Para 5.29 Persons with disability (Equal Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995. page 56
Chapt 8.31, 8.34, 8.36 – 8.37 Rights of the Disabled. page 89
Para 8.38 – 8.40 Core Group Constituted. page 91-92
Chapt 9.14 Mentally Ill Patient in Dargahs/Private Hospitals. page 109
Chapt 9.16 Baddhusha Private Mental Asylum. page 110
Chapt 9.17 – 19 Report Received from States for Mentally Ill Patients. page 110-11
Chapt 9.34 – 35 Research Project on Mentally/Ill person in jails in West Bengal Operation Oasis. page 116
Chapt 11 Non Governmental Organizations page 132-34
Chapt. 13 Complaint Before the Commission
Para 13 (E) Action Taken Report
Case No. 18 Inhuman treatment of Mentally ill Patients at Sultan Alavudeen Durgah: Tamil Nadu [Case No. 427/22/98-99] page 195
Case No. 20 Custodial Rape of Disabled girl
[Case No. 1027/13/97-98] page 197
2002-2003 Chapt 5 Review of Laws
Para 5.22 Persons with disabilities (Equal Opportunities,
Protection of Rights and full Participation) Act, 1995, page 76-77
Chapt 8 Rights of the Vulnerable
Para 8.57-8.78 Rights of the Disabled. page 122-131
Chapt 9 Research Programmes and Projects.
Para9.13-9.14 NHRC – Canada Human Rights Commission linkage project. page 145
Para 9.15 Operation Oasis: A study related to mentally ill persons in West Bengal. page 146
Chapt 13 Complaint Before the Commission.
Para 13.179 Rights of person with Disabilities: Sh C.S.P. Anka Toppo, a blind medical student to enable him complete MBBS course
[Case No.1754/30/2000-2001] page 212
Annexure 6: Letter from the Chairperson to the Chief Ministers and Administrators of Union Territories Concerning Rights to Disabled, Dec 27, 2002, Dec 31, 2002. page 292-294
2003-2004 Chapt 2 Disability: A Paradigm Shift. page 3-12
Chapt 4 Civil Liberties.
Para 4.56 -57 Visits to Jails. page 34
Para 4.91, 4.93 Mentally ill Persons Languishing in Jails. page 45-46
Chapt 5 Review of Laws, International Treaties and other International Instrument on Human Rights.
Para 5.23 – 5.29 Review of Laws relating to Persons with Disabilities. page 56-57
Para 5.30 – 5.46 Towards new International Convention. page 57-61
Chapt 8 Rights of the Vulnerable
Para 8.78- 8.88 Rights the Disabled. page 103-105
Chapt 10 Research Programmes and Projects
Para 10.9 – 10.11 Nurturing and recognition of Indian sign language for deaf persons action research. page 133
Para 10.12 Impact of Information Technologies on the Freedom of Information Expression and the Communication by People with Disabilities – ICT Desk Research. page 133-134
Para 10.14-10.19 Operation Oasis – A study related to Mentally ill Persons in West Bengal. page 134-135
Chapt 15 Complaints before the Commission Para 15.108 – 112 Rights of Mentally Challenged. page 198-99
[Shri Charanjeet Case No: 3628/30/2001-2002]
2004-2005 Chapt 2 An Overview
Para 2.14 Persons with Disability. page 6
Para 2.16 Commission Moved Criminal Writ Petition before Delhi High Court. page 7
Chapt 4.180 – 4.184 Guidelines for Protection of Human Rights of Mentally Ill under – trial Prisoners/released persons. page 62 – 67
Chapt 4.198 – 199 [Case No. 3628/30/2001-2002] page 69 – 70
Chapt 5 Rights of the Disabled. page 83-92
Chapt 7.2 Right to Health. page 99-114
Para 7.51 – 52 Core Group on Mental Health. page 113 – 114
Chapt 12 Research Studies and Projects
Para 12.8 Operation Oasis – [A Study Related to Mentally Ill Persons in West Bengal ] page 157
Para 12.38 – 12.46 CHRC – NHRC – IGNOU Linkage Project on Disability. page 165 -67
Chapt 13.10 -13.13 Promotion of Human rights Literacy and Awareness. page 171-172
Chapt 13.31 Rights of the Persons with Disabilities. page 175
Chapt 13.32 Disability Manual. page 176
Chapt 14 International Cooperation
Para 14.14 International Programme of CHRC-NHRC-IGNOU at Ottawa, Aug 1 – 14 , 2004 page 179
Chapt 18.7 Special Rapporteur on issues related to Disability. page 192
Para 18.9 Core Group on Rehabilitation of Long Stay Mentally Ill Patients Core Group on Disability. page 192-193
2005-2006 Chapt 4 Civil and Political Rights
Para 4.190 Prolonged Detention of Under Trial Prisoner in Tezpur Mental Hospital for 33 years in Assam
[Case No. 26/3/2005-2006] page 63
Para 4.343 Protection of Rights of Disabled. Case of Shri Shyam Saxena [Case No. 4/0/2005-2006] page 88-89
Para 4.371 Chagan Kosturi Begul Case [Case No 29/3/2005 – 2006] page 95
Chapt 5 Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Para 5.12 – 5.29 Mental Health. page 107-112
Chapt 6 Rights of Persons with Disabilities. page 113 – 119
Chapt 12 Research Studies and projects
Para 12.16 CHRC – NHRC – IGNOU Linkage project on disability. page 169 – 173
Para 12.47-48 Right to Health: Programmatic Intervention in Mental Hospitals in India. page 178 - 179
Annexure 7 Letter of the Chairperson, NHRC dated April 8, 2005 to the Chief Minister/ Administrators of all States/Union Territories regarding a need to ensure that the printing of books in Braille go simultaneously with the printing of regular books. page 249
2006-2007 Chapt 4.288 Violation of rights of mental patients in Saharsa, Bihar [Case No. 630/4 /2006 – 2007 ] page 74
Chapt 5 Economic, social and cultural rights.
Para 5.15 – 5.36 Mental Health. page 95 – 102
Chapt 6 Rights of Persons with Disabilities. page 103
2007-2008 Chapt 6 Human Rights Violation Cases
Para 6.228 Protection of Rights of Disabled case of Shyam Saxena (Case No. 4/0/2005-2006) Page 76
Para 6.242 "Police Torture of Mentally Disabled Lyek Anwar in Chamanganj, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh (Case No. 36115/24/2002-2003)" Page 79

Chapt 7 Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Para 7.34 Mental Health Page -99-100

Chapt 9 Rights of the Vulnerable
Para 9.3 – 9.13 Rights of Persons with Disabilities Page 123-125

Chapt 14 Reviews of Laws, Implementation of Treaties & Other International Instruments of Human Rights
Para 14.10 Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2006 Page - 145
2008-2009 Chapt 4 Human Rights Violation Cases
Para 4.134 Inhuman Treatment of Patients in a Home for Mentally Challenged in Delhi (Case 450/30/2005-2006) Page 42

Chapt 6 Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Para 6.12 – 6.19 Mental Health Page 74-77

Chapt 14 Administration and Logistic Support
Para 14.4 Core and Expert Group on Mental Health and Disability Page – 118

(E) Books on Disability and Mental Health pdf (51 KB)

(F) Articles on Disability and Mental Health pdf (34 KB)

In addition to indexing of information, bibliography provides Website addresses for the Full Text available on central Legislation, Conventions/Instruments, Supreme Court Judgements & Order on Disability and Mental Health and Annual Report /Documents/Cases of National Human Rights Commission, India available on Internet.