NHRC notice to the Government of Rajasthan over reported hardships to the villagers in absence of a bridge over Bhainsavat river in Karauli district (23.09.2016)


New Delhi, 23rd September, 2016

The National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the Government of Rajasthan, through its Chief Secretary, after taking suo motu cognizance of a media report that about 85 school going children, from Machet, Sevachin Ka Pura and Madho Singh ka Pura villages in Rajasthan's Karauli district, risk their lives to go to school during the rainy season from June to September as, a generally dry and bridgeless river, Bhainsavat gets enough water making it on an average 15 feet deep. They have to use inflated rubber tubes, like many of their elders, to cross the river. The villagers have been demanding construction of a bridge for long but nothing has happened to their memorandums to the officials and politicians. The Commission has given four weeks time for the State Government to submit a report.

The Commission has observed that contents of the news report have raised a serious issue relating to Right to life and dignity of the people, residing in the area. It impacts the right to education of children. The patients in need are also not able to get optimal health care on time. Because of the inaction of the State administration, the lives of the innocent people are being exposed to danger. This is an indication towards insensitive approach adopted by the administration.

According to the media report carried today on the 23rd September, 2016 that during rainy season from June to September, the river, bereft of a bridge, can only be crossed with the help of inflated rubber tubes. There are times, when pregnant women in labour are forced to cross the river in the similar manner. The situation becomes grim during emergencies when patients in need of medical care have to cross the river to reach the hospital. 200 households under Manchi Gram Panchayat remains inaccessible during monsoon. The villagers have been demanding construction of a bridge and have submitted several requests with the officials but the problem remains the same.