NHRC ensures construction of a bridge by the Government of Gujarat ensuring children of Kaneri village in Junagarh do not swim across the Ripen river to reach their school (29.01.2019)

New Delhi, 29th January, 2019

The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC has ensured that the children of Kaneri village will not have to swim across the Ripen river to reach their school in Kaneri village in district Junagarh, Gujarat. In response to the directions of the Commission, the Government of Gujarat has informed that a bridge has been completed now over the Ripen river connecting the Kaneri village from all the roads. Following the compliance of its recommendations by the State Government, the Commission decided to close the case.

The Commission had registered the case on the basis of a complaint in the year 2014 that about 50-60 families of Kaneri Tal, Gir Gadhada, District Gir Somnath lived on the opposite bank of the ripen river passing through village Kaneri locally known as “Sim Vistar of Bokharapura”. Some students of these families had to swim across this river to reach their primary school in village Kanuri. In the monsoon season it was very difficult for them to cross it. They could each to their school via Dhrabavad village route, which is about 8 Kilometer long.

Besides this matter, the NHRC in its Full Commission sitting today considered 19 other cases of human rights violations. Most of these matters pertain to the suo motu cognizance of incidents of human rights violations reported in the media reports. These are at various stages of further directions by the Commission to the concerned public authorities.