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Ongoing Research Projects
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1. Country Assessment/National Inquiry on Human Rights in the Context of Sexual     and Reproductive Health and Well-being

    The ‘Country Assessment/National Inquiry on Human Rights in the Context of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Well-being’ has been undertaken by the NHRC in the March 2016. For the purpose of the national inquiry, the research study has been commissioned to two Delhi-based organizations namely, ‘Partners for Law in Development’ (PLD) and ‘SAMA- Resource Group for Women and Health’. The main objectives of the research study are to - cover the domestic/national laws, policies and existing gaps pertaining to the sexual and reproductive health rights as in accordance to international standards. Further, it would look into the overlapping components of sexual rights and reproductive rights.The Research work will be carried out in two stages – desk work and interactions with key experts working in the area covering North to South and West to East zone.

2. Study on Human Rights of Transgender as a Third Gender  

    The research study entitled ‘Study on Human Rights of Transgender as a Third Gender’ has been undertaken by NHRC in collaboration with Kerala Development Society (KDS), New Delhi in March 2015. The main objective of the present research is to study the socio-economic profile of transgender as the third gender groups. The study will examine the various kinds of discrimination and the violation of human rights issues faced by transgender and to evaluate the problems faced by transgender for receiving the benefits of the various government programmes related to education and employment and reasons for their exclusion. Further this study will make in-depth analysis of the programmes/schemes launched and facilities provided for transgender by the Centre, State or Local Government as well as of the laws and policies, if any, along with the Supreme Court judgment and the steps taken for the overall development of the transgender.

3. The Human Rights Issues Related to Right to Education of Children of Migrant     Labourers in Kerala’

    A research project entitled ‘The Human Rights Issues Related to Right to Education of Children of Migrant Labourers in Kerala’ has been entrusted by the NHRC to Dr. Sibi Zacharias of Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Kerala in November 2014. The main objective of the study is to enquire whether the children of the migrant labourers in Kerala are denied their right to education due to the migration of their parents in search of employment. The study will compare the education level of migrant labourers children residing in Kerala as well as their respective States. The study will analyze the factors responsible for the educational backwardness of the migrant labourers children.

4. Development of 27 Booklets on 11 Themes by MARG in Collaboration with NHRC

    NHRC in collaboration with Multiple Action Research Group (MARG), New Delhi started a project in November 2015 to develop booklets on different human rights themes on the rights of vulnerable and marginalized and spread legal awareness about the same in terms of knowledge of law, respect for rights and skills to secure rights. In all, MARG will develop 27 booklets covering 11 themes. These booklets will be easy to use and can be accessed by those with basic literally skills. Each book will include illustrations for the purpose of better understanding of its users/readers. The booklets will be initially written in English, and later translated and printed in Hindi.

5. Interrogating Violence against Women from the other Side: An Exploratory Study      into the World of Perpetrators

    The study ‘Interrogating Violence against Women from the other Side: An Exploratory Study into the World of Perpetrators’ is undertaken by NHRC in August 2014 along with Centre for Women’s Development (CWDS), New Delhi. The rationale of the research is to gain insight into the perceptions of male perpetrators accused of crimes against women and girls in Delhi. The study attempts to gain an understanding of the perpetrators of crimes against women with a particular focus on the economic cultural and psychological factors that configure their identities and life-worlds. The study involves in-depth individual and group interviews with a sample of adult perpetrators accused and/or convicted of violence against women lodged in Tihar Jail to gauge their perspectives on the crimes they are alleged to have committed. The case study method would be used to profile the offenders. The study will draw inferences on the intersections of gender, violence, crime and social transformation with a particular focus on urban India.

6. National Research Study on Human Trafficking

    The project ‘National Research on Human Trafficking in India’ is being undertaken by the NHRC in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. The main objectives of the present study is to estimate the nature and extent of human trafficking, assessing the economics/finances of human trafficking, to understand the changing dimensions of human trafficking, and to identify social, economic, political, cultural causes at the household, community and regional level of exploitation. The study attempts to understand the theory behind the issue to examine the current response system and to suggest and recommend the way forward to address the gaps identified through research.

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