Bibliographic Information on Transplantation of Human Organs


National Human Rights Commission Library, New Delhi has compiled and consolidated information from various sources on Transplantation of Human Organs to help the users in literature survey of printed and electronic material available in the Library of the Commission and many important Libraries of Delhi. This Bibliography is available in the following form:-

(i) Eye Donation and Transplantation of Cornea: Legal issues and Implications. See Annual Report 1999-2000. p 81 (ii) NHRC Annual Reports Containing information on Transplantation of Human Organs
NHRC Annual Reports � Containing information on "Transplantation of Human Organs"
1999-2000 Chapt 12 Promotion of Human Literacy and Awareness

Para 12.35 Research Projects referred to National Institute on Human Rights [NIHR] Banglore eye donation and transplantation of Cornea: National and International Dimension, Page � 81
2000-2001 Chapt 5 Right to Health

Para 5.2 Core Advisory Group on Health Constituted, Page � 52
2003-2004 Chapt 6. Right to Health

Para 6 F (6.13-14) Illegal trade in Human Organ. Page 67-68

Annexure 8. Letter from Chairperson to the Prime Ministers of State/UT. Jan 29, 2004, Page 277- 288
2004-2005 State of Chairperson, NHRC at Geneva, April 2004, Page - 312

Annexure 14
2005-2006 Core Group on Health reconstituted to advice on Illegal Trade in Human Organs, Page - 104-05
2006-2007 Chapt 5 Economic, Social and cultural rights. 5A Right to Health, Page - 93

Annexure (2) Recommendations Emerging from National review meeting on Health, March 6, 2007, Page - 212

Remedial measures suggested by NHRC to all States/UTS to check illegal trade in Human Organs, Page - 213
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1Centre/States Acts and Rules on Transplantation of Human OrgansDownload (10.71 KB) pdf
2International/Regional InstrumentsDownload (20.11 KB) pdf
3Judgements of Supreme Court on Transplantation of Human OrgansDownload (14.46 KB) pdf

In addition to indexing of information, bibliography provides Website addresses for the Full Text available on Central Legislation, conventions/instruments, Supreme Court Judgements and Orders on Transplantation of Human Organs and Annual Reports/Documents/Cases of National Human Rights Commission, India available on Internet.