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  Visit of the NHRC team to NCHRR

19th to 30th September, 2011

On the invitation of the National Commission for Human Rights, Rwanda, (NCHRR) a team comprising of Sh. A.K. Parashar, Joint Registrar (Law), and Sh. Shashi Kant Sharma, Technical Director, NIC, visited the NCHRR to render further technical assistance in the implementation of CMS.

The team successfully carried out changes in the following modules during its stay from 19th to 30th September, 2011 :

  1. Central Registry Module for all the documents received at the NCHRR from all the divisions/units.
  2. Registry module for registering new complaints from the commissariate.
  3. Action follow up module from all the commissariate.
  4. Different queries, reports and statistics modules from all the units / divisions of the NCHRR.
The team recommended short term as well as long term measures for successful implementation of the CMS in the NCHRR. They include use of CMS in the Commission from 01.10.2011 on experimental basis and then making it mandatory from 01.01.2012 onwards by all means. The team also suggested amendments in the Acts & Regulations by inclusion of definition of human rights, realignment of chapters for the purpose of clarity, effective execution of the legal provisions of the Act etc.

The team successfully completed the task assigned. A presentation was made to the participants in which working of various functional modules of the CMS was demonstrated.

The CMS was installed at NCHRR by National Human Rights Commission, India, in 2006 and was further customised during two phases in 2007 & 2008.