SOP / Guidelines

S.No. Title Download / Details
26 Revised instructions to be followed while sending post-mortem reports in cases of custodial deaths Download (160.4 KB) pdf
27 Guidelines for video-filming and photography of post-mortem examination in case of death in police action Download (27.9 KB) pdf
28 Instructions regarding videography of post-mortem examinations in respect of deaths in jail Download (145.4 KB) pdf
29 Measures to Improve Police-Public Relationships Download (61.74 KB) pdf
30 Human Rights in Prisons Download (184.48 KB) pdf, Download (26.2 KB) pdf, Download (78.11 KB) pdf
31 Visits to Police Lock-ups/Guidelines on Polygraph Tests and Arrests Download (126.39 KB) pdf
32 Cases of Encounter Deaths Download (110.81 KB) pdf
33 Universal Declaration of Human Rights Download (95.11 KB) pdf
34 Introduction Download (3.11 MB) pdf