Covid 19 Initiatives

Covid-19 initiatives taken by Law Division are listed below:

1. Human Rights Covid-19 advisory to State Government in alignment with WHO/M/o Health and Family Welfare and ICMR guidelines

2. Creation of new incident categories in different nature of Complaints for Violation of Human Rights related to Covid-19

3. Complaints received online, Cases registration process while functioning work from home.

4. Important role played by Focal Point for Coordinator with State functionaries redressal of grievance during the pandemic.

Covid-19 initiatives taken by SRO unit are listed below:

1. Conducted virtual meetings, within division and outside, through web platforms (e.g. WebEx, Google Meet etc)

2. Coordinated work through cloud platforms (e.g. Google Drive, Slack etc.)

3. Worked from home via remote accessing and e-office.

4. Prepared inputs related to Covid-19 pandemic received from Special Rapporteurs and Special Monitors of the Commission for sending to Asia Pacific Forum (APF).

5. Processed report of Special Monitor of NHRC regarding Health & Mental health on Covid-19 and submitted for consideration of the Commission.

6. Complied guidelines issued by the Government of India on Covid-19.

Covid-19 initiatives taken by Media and Communication Wing are listed below:

1.Various Press Releases issued during the lock down related to various issue in the back drop lock drop due to COVID-19

a). click here to visit Press Releases of NHRC

b). click here to visit Archive of Press Releases of NHRC