Other Advisories

S.No. Title/Name Issued Date View/Download
1 Advisory for Protection of the Rights of Children against Production, Distribution and Consumption of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) 27/10/2023 View/Download

2 Advisory on Mental Health

मानसिक स्वास्य्थ पर परामर्शी
10/10/2023 View/Download

डाउनलोड / देखें
3 Advisory for ensuring the welfare of Transgender Persons 15/09/2023 View/Download
4 Advisory to mitigate Deliberate Self Harm and suicide attempts by prisoners 20/06/2023 View/Download
5 Advisory to Prevent, Minimize and Mitigate Ocular Trauma 11/10/2022 View/Download
6 Advisory to Prevent Human Rights of Truck Drivers 27/06/2022 View/Download
7 Advisory to Prevent, Minimize and Mitigate Impacts of Environmental Pollution and Degradation on Human Rights 09/05/2022 View/Download
8 Advisory on Identification, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Elimination of Discrimination of Persons Affected by Leprosy 14/01/2022 View/Download
9 Advisory 2.0 to Identify, Release and Rehabilitate Bonded Labourers 08/12/2021 View/Download
10 Advisory on Right to Food Security and Nutrition 06/10/2021 View/Download
11 Advisory on Protection of Human Rights of the Person Engaged in Manual Scavenging or Hazardous Cleaning 24/09/2021 View/Download