SOP / Guidelines

S.No. Title Download / Details
1 Summer / Winter Internship Programme Summer / Winter Internship Programme
2 Short-term Internship Programme Short-term Internship Programme
3 Death During the course of Police Action Download (67.63 KB) pdf
4 Medical Examination of Prisoners on Admission to Jail Download (243.83 KB) pdf
5 Silver Jubilee Celebrations Download (28.13 KB) pdf
6 NHRC (Procedure) Amendment Regulations, 1997 Download (772.19 KB) pdf
7 Illegal Trade in Human Organs Download (87.04 KB) pdf
8 Custodial Deaths-Rapes Download (159.87 KB) pdf
9 The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 (with Amendment Act, 2006) Download (6.15 MB) pdf
10 Indias Ratification Status Download (1.64 MB) pdf
11 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women(CEDAW) (Ratification date for India - 09 Jul 1993) Download (38.21 KB) pdf
12 Convention on the Rights of the Child (Ratification date for India - 11 Dec 1992) Download (109.73 KB) pdf
13 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Ratification date for India - 10 Apr 1979) Download (66.51 KB) pdf
14 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Ratification date for India - 10 Apr 1979) Download (99.27 KB) pdf
15 Guidelines on Clinical Trial of Drugs Framed By Committee Constituted By The National Human Rights Commission Download (44.79 KB) pdf
16 Guidelines regarding conducting of Magisterial Enquiry in cases of Death in Custody or in the course of police action Download (20.79 KB) pdf
17 Guidelines for the Media in addressing the issue of child sexual abuse Download (57.11 KB) pdf
18 Ending Manual Scavenging Download (26.92 KB) pdf
19 Rights of Children Download (31.2 KB) pdf
20 Women's Rights Download (29.53 KB) pdf
21 Revised format of post-mortem examination in case of death in police custody Download (149.04 KB) pdf
22 Revised instructions to be followed while sending post-mortem reports in cases of custodial deaths Download (160.4 KB) pdf
23 Guidelines for video-filming and photography of post-mortem examination in case of death in police action Download (27.9 KB) pdf
24 Instructions regarding videography of post-mortem examinations in respect of deaths in jail Download (145.4 KB) pdf
25 Measures to Improve Police-Public Relationships Download (61.74 KB) pdf