Expand the cause of Persons with Disabilities based on the ground realities, where thoughts are turned into actions, says NHRC, India: it is time to look at the Person with Disabilities through a lens of empowerment

New Delhi, 26th July, 2022

The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, India held a meeting of Core Group on Disabilities today on 26th July, 2022. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the draft National Policy for Persons with Disabilities. Chairing the meeting, NHRC, Member, Dr. Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay said that while working on draft policies, each document should be a substantive improvement of the previous one. He said that it is time to expand the cause of Persons with Disabilities based on the ground realities, where thoughts are turned into actions. He added that the comments and suggestions should be objective and in the right direction.

Dr. Mulay emphasized that Disability has socio-psycho-politico-cultural dimensions and the promotion and protection of the rights of Persons with Disabilities should be much deliberated upon. He called for a larger political representation and involvement of the Persons with Disabilities in the decision making. He also focused to direct much attention on the infrastructural, up-skilling and relevant training needs, apart from Access to Justice by the Persons with Disabilities.

Making a brief interjection, NHRC Member, Mr. Justice M.M. Kumar called for increased use of Artificial Intelligence to help the Persons with Disabilities. He added that coordinated efforts and technology should be used for betterment of protection of Rights of Person with Disabilities.

Triggering the discussions, NHRC Secretary General, Mr. D.K. Singh said that disability is an evolving and dynamic concept. He welcomed the government initiatives of the online systemic registration, the issuance of certificates and ID cards for the Persons with Disabilities. However, gaps in the policy and implementation are to be identified. He called for a synergy in application of all the benefits available across all the schemes to fill in the gaps. He also commented upon the challenges families and caregivers experience due to the lack of sensitization.

Earlier, in the welcome address, NHRC Joint Secretary, Mr. H.C. Chaudhary said that it is time to uplift the vulnerable section of the society. Giving a brief on the background of the draft National Policy for Persons with Disabilities, he said the full potential Persons with Disabilities should be identified and appreciated.

The draft National Policy for Persons with Disabilities was much deliberated upon and many gaps and suggestions, among others, emerged from the discussions. The Commission will deliberate upon all the points and come up with relevant document which further will be sent to the Government.

The meeting saw participation, among others, from NHRC Member Mr. Rajiv Jain, Registrar (Law), Mr. Surajit Dey, Joint Director (Research), Dr. M.D.S. Tyagi; NHRC Core Group Members; Joint Secretary, Department of Empowerment of Person with Disabilities, Ministry of SJ&E, Mr. Rajesh Yadav & Special Invitees.