NHRC announces winners of its Short Film Award Competition - 2019 (13.11.2019)

New Delhi, 13th November, 2019

The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, India has announced the three winners of its Short Film Award Scheme - 2019. These are:

1. ‘Kumbhil Shiva’ by Vishal Kumbhar from Bhandup ( W), Maharashtra has been selected for the first prize of Rs. 1 lakh. The film, in Hindi with sub-titles in English, depicts the plight of a child rape victim and her family in getting justice.

2. ‘Transcender’ by Ernest Rosario P.B., from Chennai, Tamil Nadu has been selected for the second prize of Rs. 75 thousand. The film, in Tamil with sub-titles in English, highlights the struggles of a transgender to seek recognition in mainstream of society by chasing her dream to become a police officer.

3. ‘Gulp’ by Vijeendra Syam from Kerala gets the third prize of Rs. 50 thousand. The silent film with background score focuses on the onslaught of development resulting in loss of natural habitat through the story of an old man.

The three awards will be given at a function to be organized in New Delhi to mark Human Rights Day on the 10th December, 2019.

Besides these, three cash awards, the Commission has also decided to give a certificate of 'Special Mention' to four films. These are:

1. ‘To Let’ by Sh. K. Jeyanchandra Hashmi.

2. ‘A Dying Wish’ by Ms. Shubhra Dixit.

3. ‘Nima’ by Mr. Yangchen Thapa

4. ‘Do Spit Here’ by Sh. R. Ravi Prasath

The aim of the NHRC Short Film Award Scheme is to encourage and acknowledge cinematic and creative efforts towards the promotion and protection of human rights. This is the fifth year of this competition, which received tremendous response with 88 entries from various parts of the country.