NHRC intervention ensures payment of held up retirement dues of a government employee and relief of Rs.1 lakh to the victim’s family for the delay

New Delhi, 18th August, 2022

The intervention of the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, India in a case of non-payment of retirement dues for more than three years, not only resulted in the release of the same but also payment of Rs.1 lakh as relief to the complainant by the Department of Posts.

The Commission had registered the case on the basis of the complaint in 2021 by the son of the victim retired government employee. Allegedly, his father, superannuated as Section Officer from the Department of Posts & Telegraph Office, Delhi, but due to his critical illness he could not submit his life certificate in the year 2017, therefore, his pension was withheld. Later, he submitted the requisite life certificate and supporting documents in the year 2018 onwards, but still he could not get his pension despite many requests to the concerned authorities. In meantime, he passed away in Sept, 2020 but his terminal dues were not paid.

In response to the notices of the Commission, the allegations were found true by the Deptt. of Posts. It informed that the undrawn pension amounting to Rs. 12,36,235/- of the victim retired employee had been processed. In addition, as part of departmental action a written warning under CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 was issued to the erring officer for the delay.

Taking into the consideration all the facts and circumstances of the case, the Commission observed that the pensioner was deprived of his legitimate pension arrears during his lifetime and thereafter his son for more than three years thereby subjecting them to misery, mental agony and undue harassment. This act of negligence has violated the human rights of the deceased victim and the complainant for which the Dept. of Posts is vicarious liable and recommended that it pays R.1 lakh as relief to the complainant.