NHRC notice to the Government of Rajasthan over reported separation of a baby’s head from his body during delivery in Jaisalmer district

New Delhi, 15th January, 2019

The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC has taken suo motu cognizance of a media report that in a shocking case of medical negligence, the head of a baby allegedly got separated from the body as the physician pulled the baby’s legs with excessive force during delivery at a government hospital in Ramgarh, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan earlier this week.

It has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan calling for a detailed report in the matter within four weeks along with health status of the suffering woman and action taken against the delinquent doctor and hospital staff.

The Commission has also observed that the contents of the new report, if true, amount to violation of human rights of the newly born and the mother and indicate towards gross negligence by the doctor and the nursing staff. The entire incident requires to be probed thoroughly to determine the real cause so that necessary steps could be taken to ensure that such gruesome incidents do not recur in future.

According to the media report, carried on the 11th January, 2019, the doctors at Ramgarh Hospital, allegedly, attempted to hide the case and referred the woman to Jaisalmer for further treatment and surgery, citing complications. At Jaisalmer Hospital it was revealed that the head of the baby was still inside the mother’s womb, which was taken out by the doctors. However, when the news regarding this tragic and bizarre incident went viral, the State Medical and Health department put the doctor concerned on ‘Awaiting Posting Order’ (APO) and placed two nurses under suspension for their negligence.

Reportedly, an FIR has been lodged by the family against the hospital staff for killing newly born baby. The doctor concerned has been reported claiming that when the woman was brought to the hospital, the baby had already died and his legs were outside the uterus.