NHRC notice to the Government of Uttar Pradesh over reported mob beating with sticks of a murder accused person and negligence of the public authority

New Delhi, 08th September, 2020

The Commission takes suo-motu cognizance of the matter and directs issuance of notice to the Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh calling for a detailed report in the matter within 4 weeks including status of the investigation of the cases registered in connection with both the cases of murder.

The Commission also directs to issue notice to the Chief Secretary to the Government of Uttar Pradesh calling for a report whether any relief has been granted to the NOK of the deceased as the state has failed to secure the right to fair trial of the victim. He is also expected to inform status of any disciplinary action initiated against the delinquent officers/officials.

According to the police, the deceased man was from Gorakhpur and had come to the village, looking for a teacher named, Sudhir Kumar Singh. As soon as he saw Singh, he took out his father's gun and killed the teacher, according to the police. After shooting the teacher, the man tried to escape but on spotting a crowd outside the house, he climbed the terrace, waved the gun and fired to keep the villagers at bay. A police team followed him to the terrace but the man escaped and was caught by a crowd, which set upon him. The videos relating to the incident emerged later, showed the man in police custody before the mob grabbed and attacked him.

According to the media reports, several policemen were present on the spot when the incident occurred. Some of the policemen were seen trying to control the crowd but the blows did not stop even when the man lay motionless. The police station in-charge of the area has been suspended for negligence. The victim's head appeared to have been bashed in as the ground was splattered with blood.

The Commission has perused the contents that cruel high handedness by the villagers, taking law in their hands that too in the presence of police force, cannot be denied. A well equipped police team was present on the spot when the victim was brutally attacked with sticks and stones.

The police personnel present at the time of the fateful incident and their in-charge, definitely failed to do their lawful duty. A human life has been lost due to apparent negligence of the public authority. This is a serious violation of human rights.