Stop dumping e-waste into the borders of developing nations to universally ensure human rights for a healthy sustainable environment, says NHRC Chairperson Justice Arun Mishra at an international meet

New Delhi, 14th September, 2022

Mr. Justice Arun Mishra, Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission, India expressed serious concern over the dumping of e-waste by developed countries into the borders of developing countries at an international meet today. He emphasized that this practice needs to be stopped to universally ensure human rights for a healthy sustainable environment.

Justice Mishra was addressing two days 27th Annual General online Meeting of Asia Pacific Forum, APF of National Human Rights Institutions of various countries in the region in the Session on “A Universal Human Rights to a Health, Sustainable Environment - The Role of NHRIs”. He said that a multi-prong strategy is required to fight the menace of Climate Change in a time-bound manner by all the countries.

He gave a brief insight into several interventions made by the NHRC, India, the Supreme Court of India as well as the Govt. of India to protect the environment ensuring people’s right to life guaranteed under the Constitution of India. He made a specific reference to the Advisory issued by the Commission to the Centre and State governments to prevent minimize and mitigate the impact of environment pollution and degradation of human rights. He also mentioned, among others, the Supreme Court orders ensuring relocation of hazardous industries away from densely populated areas as well as the protection of forest lands and natural resources throughout the country by the establishment of eco-sensitive zones around National Parks and Wild Life Century.

Justice Mishra said that India has also demonstrated that is not only committed but also making efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs to mitigate the effect of Climate Change and build Sustainable cities and communities. These include among others checking environmental pollution through increased use of green fuels and stringent carbon emission norms in a time-bound manner. He said that time has come to study the impact of construction activities causing air pollution and the way forward to reduce it.

The NHRC delegation Members, Mr. Justice M.M. Kumar & Mr. Rajiv Jain, Secretary General, Mr. D.K. Singh and Joint Secretary, Mrs. Anita Sinha.