• NHRC is organizing 3rd one week Residential Training of Trainers Course for Prison Officers from 18.03.2024 to 22.03.2024
  • NHRC has organized meeting of the Core Group on Mapping Inslusivity from the lens of Skill Devlopment and Employability Avenues of Persons with disability in India on 20.03.2024
  • NHRC has organized meeting of the Core Group on Right to Food and Nutrition on 19.03.2024
  • NHRC has organized meeting of NHRC Core Group on Women on 14.03.2024
  • NHRC is holding a one-day Camp Sitting at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh on 6th March, 2024

HRCNet Portal

HRCNet Portal

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Announcement of online short term internship programme OSTI from 29.04.2024 to 10.05.2024

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Complaints Statistics

Cases received / processedMarch, 2024 (As per an early estimate)
6,818 fresh cases received
5,292 cases disposed (Fresh + Old)
6,823 cases under consideration (Fresh + Old)
Current Year (FY 2023-24)
76,891 cases received