• Webcast: 28th AGM & BC of APF of NHRIs (
  • Commission has made it mandatory since 01.05.2023 that all Reports (in NHRC cases)/ Intimations of deaths (in custody/ encounters) be submitted through HRCNet Portal by Govt. Authorities.
  • For online lodging/ tracking status of complaints, please visit HRCNet Portal (
  • For quick processing, complaints can be lodged Online using HRCNet Portal (
  • Complaints can only be sent on email-id .
  • Complaints can also be lodged Online in NHRC from Common Service Centres (CSCs) in India.
  • Complaints received on any other email-id of the Commission will not be entertained.

HRCNet Portal

HRCNet Portal

28th AGM & BC of APF and seminar on BHR

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28th Annual General Meeting and Biennial Conference of Asia Pacific Forum

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Complaints Statistics

Cases received / processedAugust, 2023 (As per an early estimate)
6944 fresh cases received
6994 cases disposed (Fresh + Old)
7719 cases under consideration (Fresh + Old)
Current Year (FY 2023-24)
38142 cases received