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E.g., 07/13/2020
E.g., 07/13/2020
S.No. Article_ID Title Release Date
76 34568 NHRC notice to the Uttarakhand DGP over a reported death in police custody in Udham Singh Nagar . (12.07.2019) 12-Jul-2019
77 34567 NHRC notice to the Delhi Government over reported serious injuries to a student as ceiling fan falls on him in a government school. (11.07.2019) 11-Jul-2019
78 34566 NHRC Regional workshop at Chandigarh on Elimination of Bonded Labour concludes urging proactive action by all the stakeholders to end this menace (05.07.2019) 05-Jul-2019
79 34565 CURTAIN RAISER - NHRC’s day long regional workshop on Elimination of Bonded Labour System begins on 5th July, 2019 at Chandigarh (03.07.2019) 03-Jul-2019
80 34564 NHRC notice to the Government of Haryana over reported death of four persons while cleaning the pump in the storm water disposal tank in Rohtak (27.06.2019) 27-Jun-2019
81 34563 NHRC calls for the status of the investigation by the CBI into the criminal cases filed against the members of human rights organization- “Lawyers Collective” (21.06.2019) 21-Jun-2019
82 34562 NHRC takes serious note of deplorable health infrastructure in the country, issues notices to Union Health Ministry and all the States/UTs (20.06.2019) 20-Jun-2019
83 34561 NHRC notice to the Union health Ministry and Government of Bihar over increasing deaths of children due to Encephalitis (17.06.2019) 17-Jun-2019
84 34560 NHRC notice to the Government of Rajasthan over reported allegation of many families in Banswara district using their children as pawn to get money for food (14.06.2019) 14-Jun-2019
85 34559 NHRC notice to the DGP, Uttar Pradesh over reported brutal assault of a TV journalist by GRP personnel in Shamli district (14.06.2019) 14-Jun-2019
86 34558 NHRC’s month long summer internship programme concludes (14.06.2019) 14-Jun-2019
87 34557 NHRC Chairperson, Mr. Justice H.L. Dattu says, the Commission open to suggestions from civil society, NGOs and human rights defenders to ameliorate the cause of human rights (13.06.2019) 13-Jun-2019
88 34556 NHRC open forum participants say fixing agrarian crisis key to ending bonded and migrant labour problem in the country (08.06.2019) 08-Jun-2019
89 34555 NHRC notice to the Delhi Police Commissioner over reported death of a man inside Bawana police Station (28.05.2019) 28-May-2019
90 34554 NHRC notice to the Director General, Police, Haryana over reported police atrocity against a woman in Faridabad (28.05.2019) 28-May-2019
91 34553 NHRC notice to the Government of Gujarat over the death of more than 17 students in a fire at a coaching centre in Surat (25.05.2019) 25-May-2019
92 34552 Government needs to tell what it has done to end the menace of manual scavenging, says NHRC Chairperson, Mr. Justice H.L.Dattu (24.05.2019) 24-May-2019
93 34551 NHRC notice to the Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh over the reported death of a man due to assault by police in custody in Kannauj. (22.05.2019) 22-May-2019
94 34550 NHRC notice to the Government of Himachal Pradesh over reported death of school boy in district Kangra due to negligence of government school authorities. (22.05.2019) 22-May-2019
95 34549 NHRC’s month long summer internship, 2019 begins (16.05.2019) 16-May-2019
96 34548 NHRC notice to the Government of Uttar Pradesh over reported police inaction a case of gang rape and atrocity on a widow (13.05.2019) 13-May-2019
97 34547 NHRC notice to the Government of Karnataka and Union Defence Ministry over missing fishermen (13.05.2019) 13-May-2019
98 34546 NHRC notice to the Government of Odisha over reports of relief material not reaching people in some parts of the cyclone affected areas in the State (08.05.2019) 08-May-2019
99 34545 NHRC notice to the Government of Rajasthan over reported police inaction in the rape of a Dalit woman in Alwar district (08.05.2019) 08-May-2019
100 34544 NHRC notice to the Delhi Chief Secretary and Police Commissioner in the death of two persons while cleaning septic tank (08.05.2019) 08-May-2019